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"It will always be a little different if you say it. “ 

H. Hesse


I grew up in the eastern part of Switzerland. Nowadays I live together with my husband and our three children in central Switzerland.

  • My education
    ​ Since 2010: annual training obligation of 80 hours according to the FSP professional code 2005 - 2010 Postgraduate studies in psychotherapy (master of advanced studies UZH) with a focus on cognitive-behavioural therapy and behavioral medicine at the University of Zurich Specialist psychologist for psychotherapy FSP ​ 2002 - 2006 Doctoral studies at the University of Zurich, Psychology, Dr.phil. Until 07.2006 Additional studies in psychopathology at the University of Zurich 2004 - 2006 Program for female scientists to support an academic career, young talent promotion program University of Bern 2003 Training as an emergency psychologist at Netzwerk Psychology, D-Radolfzell 1991 - 1997 Studies in business administration, psychology and political science at the University of Bern,Lic. rer. pol. ​
  • My workexperience
    January 2018 - June 2019 Psychotherapist, Medical Center Zur Linde, Rotkreuz ​ Since October 2016 Consulting psychotherapist for inpatient oncology patients at the Cantonal Hospital in Zug ​ March 2015 – March 2016 Psychotherapy practice, clinical psychology, University of Zurich Since July 2013 Own practice for psychotherapy in Hünenberg and Cham, practice permit for the canton of Zug 2008 - 2017 Delegated psychotherapy in the medical practice St. Wolfgang, Hünenberg ​ 2007 - 2017 Andreasklinik, Cham, delegated psychotherapy by Dr. Chr. Schnyder ​ 2007 - 2008 Meissenberg Clinic (40% workload) Since March 2007 Onco-Haematological Center of the Andreas Clinic, Cham, psycho-oncological psychotherapy 2006 - 2009 Defense Headquarters of the Army, Brugg, Psychological Assessments 2006 Königsfelden Psychiatric Clinic, Brugg, clinical internship ​ Since 2006 Institut Dialog Ethik, Zurich, research assistant ​ Since 2003 Assignments as an emergency psychologist for major and everyday damage events 2003 - 2006 University Hospital of both Basels, Basel, research assistant (NRP 51) 2000 - 2002 Mercuri Urval, Zurich and Zug, Management Consultant (assessment, coaching of executives) 1998 - 2000 PricewaterhouseCoopers, Zurich, Management Consulting, Management Consultant 1996 - 1998 Berner Kantonalbank, Bern, Head of Human Resources ​
  • My publications
    Indermaur Mirjam, Hürlimann Denise (2019). A psychotherapy to read along. Laughter: Wortseh Verlag Hürlimann, Denise, (2014). Where does psycho-oncology make a contribution to genetic diagnostics in familial cancers? Swiss Society for Psycho-oncology, Swiss Cancer Bulletin No. 1/2014, pp. 67-68 < Click here for the article Müller, Hansjakob / VHL-Switzerland (ed.) with contributions byHurlimann Denise et al. (2014). Living with an inherited disease! A guide - also for young people. Basel: EMH Switzerland. Medical publisher Bürki, Nicole, Hürlimann, Denise, Baumann-Hölzle,Ruth & Müller, Hansjakob. (2012).Familial breast cancer – diagnosis, advice,therapy and long-term care. (Ed.).Zurich: Schulthess-Verlag The book can ordered here become. And here there is more information about it. Hürlimann, Denise. (2009). Psychosocial burden of relatives of chronically ill people. In: Meier-Allmendinger D. & Baumann-Hölzle R. (eds.)The self-determined patient. Basel: Swabian Hürlimann, Denise, Baumann-Hölzle, Ruth & Müller Hansjakob. (2008). The counseling process in prenatal diagnostics. (Ed.) Bern: Lang. Miny, Peter & Hürlimann, Denise. (2008). Conducting a genetic test. Oncology, 2/2008. < Click here for the article Baumann-Hölzle, Ruth & Hürlimann, Denise. (2007). Advice on prenatal examinations as a personal decision-making aid for the pregnant woman. Steps into the Open, 37, 1, 18 – 21. ​​ ​ Baumann-Hölzle, Ruth & Hürlimann, Denise. (2007). From the screening logic to the individualized decision. Patient-oriented counseling and its social requirements in prenatal examinations. In: Mottier V. & von Mandach V. (eds.) Care, stigma and eugenics. Zurich: Seismo. ​​ ​ Hürlimann, Denise. (2006). The counseling process in prenatal diagnosis. Zurich: Central office of the University of Zurich. ​​ ​ Hürlimann, Denise C. & Baumann-Hölzle, Ruth. (2006). The counseling process in prenatal diagnosis. Swiss medical newspaper. 87, 22, 978-980. ​​ ​ Baumann-Hölzle, Ruth & Hürlimann, Denise. (2006). The first trimester test: personal decision-making aid or public health screening tool? Therapeutic Review, Volume 63, Issue 11, 693 - 698
  • My memberships
    Federation of Swiss PsychologistsPsychologists FSP Swiss Society for Psycho-oncology Swiss Society for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • My speaking activity
    09/07/2021 Management of the impulse seminar at Female Business Seminars, topic: 'Profile yourself' 3.6.2021"Are you afraid of the end?"Ladies Drive Bar Talks, Zurich 7.4.2021 (was postponed to 2022 due to Corona)"Review of My Life"Lecture, Municipality of Hünenberg 09/24/2020 change of words, dialogue initiative of the Catholic Church in Hünenberg: Participation as a special guest on the topic "When life gives us the blinker ​ 09/10/2020 City Church of Zug Management of the event 'Suicide among young people - when life becomes unbearable', panel discussion ​ 09/02/2020 Rotary Zugerland Zug, Lecture on 'Meeting change with resilience' ​ 06/03/2020 National quality circle of the MPA (medical practice assistants), speaker on the topic of 'psychological stress factors' 26.06.2019 Head of the panel discussion at the Palliative Zug event, topic: 'Relatives between care and self-care' ​ 02/27/2019 Management of the impulse seminar at Female Business Seminars, topic: 'Profile yourself' ​ 05./06.05.2018 Kloster Kappel a.A: course management, topic: 'Sources of my power' ​ 03/20/2018 Presentation on the topic of 'dealing with cancer patients - psychological aspects' at Pro Senectute and the family support of the canton of Zug 11/23/2017 Presentation on the topic of 'crisis management with a focus on the living situation of women' at the further training of the Swiss Association of Midwives, Klinik Meissenberg Zug ​ 11/22/2017 Presentation on the subject of 'the oncology patient in the pharmacy' at a further training course of the Zug Pharmacy Association, Zug ​ 02/02/2017 Network conference on mental health in Zug, presentation on the topic of 'crisis management' ​ 22./23.10.2016 Kloster Kappel a.A: Course management, topic: 'Let go and dare new steps' ​ 04/04/2016 Guest lecturer at the University of Zurich in the seminar 'Different psychotherapy methods and settings' in the field of psycho-oncology and emergency psychology ​ 01/19/2016 Presentation at KMU Swiss 'Stammtisch' on the subject of 'Human resources in companies' ​ 09/18/2015 Presentation on scientific personality profiling at the specialist conference for indoor air hygiene in Bern ​ Since August 2015 monthly, presentations on personality models at e-stimate, Bern ​ 09./10. 05.2015 Kloster Kappel a.A: Course management 'Sources of my strength, resource activation' ​ 05/17/2014 Annual meeting of the Swiss VHL Association, presentation on the topic of 'Living with a hereditary disease, psychological aspects' ​ 16.11. 2013 MediQi 7th National TCM Day, several presentations on 'Emotional Fatigue' ​ 09.05. 2013 Gynecology Update Refresher at Technopark Zurich, presentation on the subject of 'Psychological aspects of familial breast cancer' ​ 20./21.04.2013 Kappel a. A., course leader 'Let go and dare new steps' ​ 02/17/2010 Further training for doctors at the Kantonsspital Zug, subject 'Bringing bad news'
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