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A psychotherapy to read along

That morning, Mirjam Indermaur had always given her sons the same, stereotypical lecture about the fact that a dishwasher doesn't empty itself and shoes don't clean themselves either. A few hours later, her priorities shifted radically. Her husband had been diagnosed with cancer. Mirjam Indermaur's emotional world was upside down and she knew that she would not be able to get through this fundamental shock without professional help. Already burdened with exhaustion depression for a long time, she now sought psychotherapeutic support.

For about 2 years I was allowed to accompany Mirjam Indermaur on her way and witness how she was able to gain a lot of knowledge and develop strategies. Thanks to my experience in psycho-oncology, among other things, I was able to answer many questions and take away my fears. Together we found solutions, analyzed beliefs and discussed everyday things.  


After the therapy, Mirjam Indermaur developed the idea of a book about this path  to write. Once she, the patient, would write, then again I as a specialist. This is how - in mutual storytelling - a psychotherapy for reading along came into being. A book that not only gives a deep insight into the world of psychotherapy, but also helps to develop strategies for surviving difficult times and even finding the laugh again.


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