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Sources of my strength: Paths to your own strength and life energy

Power, wisdom and strength, we have all of this within us. But all too often they are buried under the many challenges of everyday life. To be aware of this and to search for traces of your own resources and energy sources already strengthens you. Together we start with the current situation. From there we move on to needs, possibilities, paths, and thought experiments. We take the time and freedom to be with ourselves for once. Those who learn to visit places of their own strength in everyday life are more motivated, more balanced and more resilient. Self-confidence increases, as does the joy in acting and developing creative solutions. Participants As a psychologist and psychotherapist with a focus on cognitive-behavioral therapy and as a pastor with a focus on ritual life, we address women and men who like to use the combination of theological-spiritual and psychological input to ask about their own resources. We set out to name our own strengths and abilities and consciously integrate them into our lives.

Goal setting Through rituals, through working with design elements and in joint conversations, we take a look at what strengthens us personally. Questions of meaning will have their place as well as reflection on very personal paths and attitudes. Individual discussions are also possible on request. Course date May 05-06, 2018 Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to Sunday, 4:00 p.m. Number of participants: 9 - 12 people Course costs: CHF 240.– (plus boarding costs) Course leader: Sonja Bredel Denise Hürlimann


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